Anvita Mobile Viewer

It’s a well known fact that technology and the medical world team up well and bring in the best of innovations. This merging of technology and medical world now presents the latest Android-based Application which makes Personal Health Data accessible for Google Health Users on a mobile basis.

Previously known as SafeMed, Anvita Health’s latest mobile viewer for Google Health is an innovative application that lets users get on-demand and real-time view of their medical records on a mobile basis and can be very handy in times of visiting physicians, pharmacists, and other care providers. One need not carry huge files and documents with them to the doctor, as all the medical records can be accessed directly on the mobile phone using this new technology.

Sameer Samat, Director of Product Management, Google Health commented, “The new Mobile Viewer from Anvita is a great example of how companies can innovate using Google’s open platforms,” and he further added, “We are pleased to see one of our trusted partners use Android to help make personal health data more available to consumers. We think giving users options for how they access their health data is paramount to consumer-directed care. Anvita has created the first of many mobile health applications using Google Health.”

“We see Google Health as a vital tool in allowing consumers to take a more active role in their own health care and the care of their families,” mentioned Ahmed Ghouri, M.D., co-founder and chief medical officer of Anvita Health. “The Anvita Mobile Viewer builds a bridge between the home and the doctor’s office, and allows Google Health users to realize the full worth of their PHR data by taking it to where critical medical decisions are made.”

Presently, the phone that runs on the Android O/S platform is T-Mobile’s G1. With the Android O/S entering the competition grounds, more applications like this are expected to hit the markets. Anvita Health’s all-new application is ready for download though Anvita’s official website.