Heart Patients with chronic heart failure may have a greater risk of death if they also suffer from anemia. This was explained by stating that anemia may be linked with lower functionality of the left ventricular along with lower left ventricular ejection fraction. These measurements are believed to be used to gauge the cardiac function. This risk was highlighted by Dr. Lexin Wang, MD, PhD, Head of the Cardiovascular Group at Charles Sturt University and collaborators.

Heart failure is believed to be a very critical condition. This condition is stated to be a common and a grave chronic condition. It is estimated that such patients may often also suffer from anemia, which is presumably caused due to this condition itself.

Dr. Lexin says that, “Health professionals may need to improve current practices to better treat anemia in patients with chronic heart failure.”

The main aim of these experts was to determine and evaluate anemia’s effect on the results obtained from patients with chronic heart failure. This evaluation was done by a meta-analysis and systemic review of the available data on the topic. More than 90,000 patients with chronic heart failure were seemingly recognized and studied from the previously available data.

These experts made an astounding discovery. They noticed that anemia could degrade the prognosis of the heart failure patients and thereby increase their chances of getting hospitalized and may be even dying.

These experts have even stated that in addition to the treatments, the rate of death may be high for the people with this condition. Therefore along with other heart-failure-related treatments, even treating anemia may lower the rate of mortality of such patients. This may also improve the prognosis of the patients with heart failure.

This study was presented in Congestive Heart Failure.