Healthy Technological Innovations

About 50 years ago, who would have thought we would have so many products to enhance our health? Yes, you heard it right! Now-a-days, technology has advanced so much that apart from other usual innovations that make our life easier, we also have various products that protect our health. Times have certainly changed and we at HealthJockey have picked out a couple of them. So here is a list of 10 interesting gadgets that not only let us keep our health in check but also seem to be really chic and modern.

Wii Fit Wii Fit: This high-tech device from Nintendo is designed in a way that it assist gamers as well as non-gamers to lose weight and remain fit. Imagine playing games and losing weight! To operate Wii Fit, you need to sync it with a Nintendo Wii game console. It will command you to execute several activities ranging from basic muscle stretches to yoga poses. To perform any of the activities you just have to stand on the Wii Fit and switch on the screen. Yoga with Wii Fit holds your interest, as not only will you have an on-screen instructor guiding and teaching you various poses, you also get feedback and helpful tips. Other categories include balance, strength and aerobics. All these activities combined with games make Wii Fit a real fun thing to be with and at the same time it also claims to improve your health. It is available for approximately Rs. 4,314.

Wake up Light Wake up Light: How would it be like to be woken up by sunlight and not some boring alarm clock? Well this latest device from Philips literally wakes you up in a very natural way. The intensity of the light can be set by you. Gradually, it replicates the rising sun in your bedroom and thereby softly arranges your body to wake up. The mechanism works on the sleep-inducing hormone, leaving you bright, energized, fresh and very much ready to face the day ahead cheerfully. It may have a positive effect on your productivity and concentration. You can also include soothing sounds like birds chirping or river flowing or any type of sound you want like FM radio or iPod music. This device is priced at around Rs. 9,592.

SteriPen SteriPen: Technology has really leaped by bounds and a good proof here is the SteriPen. Now anyone can go for trekking, hiking or camping without any worry of catching an infection. Well you may ask why? Well the answer to it is the advanced SteriPen! It is supposed to be the only portable water purifier that uses ultraviolet (UV) light to wipe out waterborne microbes. It can purify one liter of water at a time. It is actually the size of a big pen and you can carry it in your pocket. Well, imagine something that is so small to actually purify water. So now even if you are stuck in a remote place, clean water need not be your worry as long as you have the SteriPen with you. The device is available at various price points depending on the model. While the SteriPen Classic is priced at around Rs. 4190, the Adventure and Traveller and Journey models are approximately priced at Rs. 5550 and Rs. 6050 respectively.

Sleep Tracker Sleep Tracker: Sleep is certainly an issue which does have a lot of problems associated with it and one of the major issues being waking up. Like Wake up Light, Sleep Tracker also performs the work of waking you up in the morning. A sleep tracker is like a wrist watch which you can wear on your wrist and go to sleep. Our body goes through a deep sleep mode and light sleep mode during the sleep pattern. It keeps fluctuating all through night. The internal sensors of the sleep tracker can sense even the slightest physical signals from your body. Now what exactly does a Sleep Tracker do? It wakes you up during your light mode sleep near your preferred time of wake up. For instance, if you have to get up at 8 in the morning, the Sleep Tracker will sense that you are best waking up time might be 7:45 and the alarm will ring at that moment. Since you will be in a light mode sleep at that time, you wake up feeling energized and fresh. In some models of sleep tracker like PRO or ELITE, you can even connect the Sleep Tracker via USB to your PC and to download your sleep data. This will allow you to make night-over-night evaluations and keep track of other factors controlling your sleeping patterns. Waking up may have never been this easy before! Sleep Tracker Pro will be available for Rs. 8,585.

Water Font Water Font: This is yet another innovative product from Philips. There are many products that help in purifying your water. If SteriPen will be useful in purifying your water somewhere outside your home, then Water Font will help in cleansing water inside your home. Water Font is a simple filter in the kitchen. It apparently filters, sterilizes, mineralizes, and chills water, while also allowing you to combine in supplements for additional taste or nutrition. The tap shines purple to demonstrate that the water is being sterilized by UV light, and turns red when the filter requires replacing. There price of this product is not known.

LED Anti-Aging Light LED Anti-Aging, Wound, & Pain Light: Ever heard of aging, wound or pain being treated by light? Well, it is called light therapy and a new product known as LED Anti-aging, wound & Pain Light claims to perform it efficiently. It uses the deep penetrating light (DPL) system to treat the above mentioned issues. DPL uses red and infrared LED wavelengths and a proprietary design to treat aging. LED light is said to be very useful in treating problems close to the skin’s surface such as wounds cuts and scars. Skin layers, because of their high blood and water content soak up red light and infrared light waves voluntarily and carry energy to arouse a reaction from the body to mend itself. There are a number of benefits related to LED skin light including treatment of a number of joint pain, muscle spasms and sprains. With regards to aging, it minimizes wrinkles and fine lines. This product will certainly prove to be extremely useful to anyone in day-to-day life with such benefits available. This can be bought for Rs. 16,724.

Sun Touch Plus Sun Touch Plus: This is yet another device using light therapy. This innovative product is apparently used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), circadian rhythm and associated mood disorders. It uses the Britewave technology and ion technology to the best of its abilities. It retunes your body clock, so your circadian rhythms can function normally. It may instantly curb the withdrawal hormone, melatonin and could stimulate the production of the active hormone, serotonin. Its light box weighs less and is more portable. You can easily use the device in your everyday life. So you can now feel good and sleep better. Say bye to depression and sluggishness with this innovative product in hand. This device costs Rs. 7,666.

Neck Traction Pro Neck Traction Pro – Neck Massager: One of the most common occupational hazards of working all day in front of the computer is the terrible neck pain which probably all of us experience by the end of the day. Fret not! The solution to the terrible neck ache is here courtesy the Next Traction Pro. The air neck traction is small and light and we may experience a lot of benefits. It may anatomically correct the traction carefully and may also comfortably support the head and neck which may definitely ease the pain. The curvature of the cervical spine could also be supported. Elderly people may find it comfortable to use the device as it is handy and user-friendly. It may additionally be used while traveling as it is light and portable. With such benefits available, you may certainly bid adieu to neck pain. This innovation can be purchased for Rs. 3,353.

Chillow comfort Chillow comfort device: The next device is sure to bring a smile on your face. We came across a unique personal cooling pad called Chillow that is only around 2cms thick. The Chillow can be started by just filling it with tap water. The water may be completely soaked into the foam core to create memory foam like comfort that claims to Cool and Soothe to offer a cooling effect. So for all people who are tired of being uncomfortably warm during your sleep, this could possible be a great solution. The Chillow can be used while sleeping, or even when you sit on your couch and put the pillow behind to lean on. Apart from giving a cool relaxation, it will also soothe headaches, hot flashes or general pain around the body. The device is supposedly a multi purpose product which provides solution to your day-to-day body aches and pains. The Chillow comfort can be bought for Rs. 1,901.

Alpha Stim Alpha Stim: Want to clear your mind, improve concentration, lessen anxiety, lift depression and also want to sleep well? Now that’s asking for too much or is it. Since virtually everyone seeks for these comforts, the Alpha Stim device claims to do just that. It apparently performs all the above activities in just 20 minutes. All you have to do is attach the ear clips to your ears and switch it on. Within minutes you can feel a very gentle tingling sensation in your earlobes and it is this tingling feeling that may actually rejuvenate you to make you feel more refreshed and happy. You can even use it to clear your mind and to also concentrate while studying. If you are feeling low about something, Alpha Stim may lift your mood in a few minutes. It is very light and small and can be used even while traveling. This is priced at Rs. 28,119.

Technology has indeed advanced a lot. One glimpse at the list most effectively proves this further. These classy devices may not only improve your health but could be fun to use too.