Yale University Apparently, two Yale associates, Nalini Vadivelu, professor of anesthesiology at the Yale School of Medicine, and Yale College senior Isabel Chen, presented their research in Spain on the medical efficiency of urine toxicology in pain management.

The scientists’ mentioned urine toxicology examination in clinical medicine as an important store for pain management. They observed that while pain medications may offer effectual treatment, they could also intimidate physical condition if patients’ prescriptions and regimens are not properly checked.

The incorporation of indiscriminate urine testing into pain management and patient medical histories may offer a cost-effective, receptive and proficient inclusion to the current drug-monitoring apparatus like blood, hair and sweat tests.

The study authors at Yale and in Spain anticipate that their affiliation may aid in enhancing anesthetic techniques and may motivate upcoming global partnerships between their hospitals.

Both the authors co-authored an article named ‘The Implications of Urine Testing in Pain Management’ with anesthesiologists Maria Teresa Gudin and Esperenza Ortigoso, both at the Hospital Universitario de Getafe in Spain.