Visible Body Visible Body has some good news to it users including educators, students, doctors, and others interested in human anatomy. Claimed to be the first Web-based 3D interactive model of the human body, it has now introduced 700 anatomical structures, and finer renderings of major organs. These models can be employed as a reference and visualization tool.

The novel structures provide users with cross-sectional views of the intestine, pancreas, and stomach. Renderings for ligaments of the shoulder, knee and ankle are made available along with loaded models to the digestive system. Improvised vasculature and ligaments of the liver can help investigators get a detailed insight. With true-to-life soft tissue textures included to the stomach, heart and pancreas understanding these organs is just made easier. Furthermore, there are approximately 100 terms added to the search function.

Andrew Bowditch, President and CEO of Visible Body enlightened, “This release expands the number of anatomical models and the platform’s functionality. The real-time 3D experience provides an opportunity to explore relative anatomy that is usually available only through an anatomy dissection lab. Visible Body goes beyond the lab experience because it gives the student the ability to view any combination of structures from all angles. We’re delighted to be offering this new release just in time for the start of the fall semester. Students and professors keep telling us that Visible Body is an invaluable anatomy learning tool. With the addition of hundreds of new structures and truer soft tissue textures, we look forward to reaching an even broader audience. ”

Having adopted this technology, users can view any combination of anatomical structures. Other that zooming in and rotating these structures, users are also empowered with the capacity of making them transparent or invisible. Though sophisticated, the technology is enhanced with easy-to-use 3D controls and is compatible with almost all web browsers.

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