Brain Wiring Understanding the wiring of the human brains has been probably made easy, thanks to the following invention. Investigators from the Eindhoven University of Technology have supposedly crafted a software tool for analyzing wiring of the brains in a simpler way. Equipped with special techniques, the newly developed tool probably transforms MRI scans to three-dimensional images.

The software may allow physicians to virtually browse along the spaghetti-like ‘wiring’ of the brain. Understanding the exact area where the main nerve bundles in the brain are present seems to be of extreme importance for neurosurgeons. Among patients with Parkinson’s disease deep brain stimulation can possibly help curb vibration seizures. The place where the stimulation electrode in the brain is there can be ascertained by the new tool. With improvement in the guiding map, doctors can be apparently provided with a better insight into the roads on the map.

“You can now see for the first time the spaghetti-like structures and their connections. We are far from seeing all brain connections; there are many more smaller compounds in the brains, who are not seen by the new tool. A microscope observed them. But you cannot, of course, dissect a live patient into slices for under a microscope,” added Ter Haar Romenij.

With novel observations into neurological and psychiatric disorders, brain surgeons may advance where the critical nerve bundles are, to restrict them from damage. Apparently, the tool is based on a recently developed technology known as HARDI (High Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging). Additional investigations are essential for proving that the achieved images match reality.