Teeth Dentist Nathan Cochrane may have supposedly made a revolutionary breakthrough in the dental field. Seemingly, he has come up with a way of re-growing decayed tooth enamel, avoiding the need for tooth fillings and reversing tooth decay. This breakthrough was made by Dr. Cochrane along with a well-known tooth re-mineralization expert Professor Eric Reynolds and colleagues from the Cooperative Research Centre for Oral Health Science.

This treatment is stated to take effect through an application of a strong solution (fluoride, calcium and phosphate) on the affected tooth area. More so this treatment is believed to have its magical effect while one is asleep. The patient’s tooth is stated to soak up the chemical solution in a small tray fitted in their mouth overnight.

Dr. Cochrane says that, “Working as a dentist I see how teeth with fillings in them often weaken. I wanted to find out whether a chemical process could be used to replace the minerals lost from teeth through decay.”

These experts evidently discovered that a substance extracted from cow’s milk may possibly be utilized to stabilize the ions of phosphate, fluoride and calcium. Thereby permitting these ions to spread into the enamel of the tooth and drive themselves in within the crystal lattice.

He observes that, “Dentists who have patients showing signs of early decay will be able to prescribe the nightly use of the remineralization treatment for a given period, potentially avoiding treatments such as fillings and extractions.”

In order to avoid the mixture of saliva with this solution, these experts even designed a small tray which would snugly fit over the tooth and cover it with the solution. This is said to be a patented device.

These findings are believed to soon be presented on 26th May 2009, at the Pathfinders: the Innovators Conference at the National Convention Centre in Canberra.