Jena University Logo Women across the globe probably adopt various cosmetics products and also undergo surgical procedures like plastic surgery to look younger. Well an astonishing way to look younger has been introduced. Psychologists of the Jena University (Germany) suggest that getting surrounded with older people makes an individual look younger.

During the study, it was demonstrated that the volunteer testers were systematically wrong at estimating other people’s age after adapting to the faces of people to a specific age group by intensely looking at them. After seeing many faces of elderly people on the computer, participants had to undergo the test face of a middle aged person. The test candidates possibly estimated the person as substantially younger. On analyzing younger faces the middle aged test face seemingly estimated as being substantially older.

When adaptor face and test faces show people of the same sex the after-effects of age perception appeared even stronger. It can therefore be assumed that the perception of age and sex in faces is not a completely independent process. The results were ascertained with the help of modern digital image editing techniques and a data bank of faces without any make-up. Professor Dr. Stefan R. Schweinberger, lead investigator and colleagues were able to alter the subjective perception of a face. The age of the people in ones surrounding possibly develops vital characteristics for developing perception.