NMH Logo Three out of four women apparently experience hot flashes related to menopause. Though a nuisance, hot flashes do seem to have a health benefit. A latest study claims that women who suffer from hot flashes and night sweats have lower risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke and death.

The study followed a total of 60,000 women for ten years to analyze the seeming relationship between menopause symptoms and cardiovascular events. Participants were segregated into four categories namely those who experienced hot flashes and night sweats at the onset of menopause, later in menopause, during both time periods, and not at all. Those undergoing symptoms when they began menopause allegedly had fewer cardiovascular events than women who experienced hot flashes late in menopause or not at all.

“While they are certainly bothersome, hot flashes may not be all bad. Our research found that despite previous reports suggesting that menopause symptoms were associated with increased levels of risk markers for heart disease, such as blood pressure and cholesterol, the actual outcomes tell a different story,” mentioned Emily Szmuilowicz, MD, endocrinologist, Northwestern Medicine and lead author of the study.

It was concluded that hot flashes possibly are a good sign for heart health. Additional investigations can be triggered to understand the mechanisms behind this link. The study findings may have greater significance in the health-space.

The study is available online and will be printed in the June issue of Menopause.