Leaf Buds Of Poplar Trees Generally, antioxidants are used as anti-aging ingredients in skin creams. Well, here is a novel and healthful substance that helps the skin stay young. Researchers claim that an extract from the leaf buds of poplar trees can tackle skin aging.

Poplar buds have been quite well-received in the world of health and medicine. They are known to not only fight colds, sinusitis and sunburn, but also arthritis. One substance called propolis present in beehives that is made from poplar buds also seems to have similar disease-fighting benefits. The positive effects of propolis are probably acquired by poplar bud compounds. However, additional research is required to known these substances in greater detail.

In order to highlight the possible benefits of poplar buds as antioxidants for skin creams, scientists examined an extract from the buds. The poplar bud extract allegedly had moderate antioxidant activity and displayed anti-aging effects on cells in the laboratory. Xavier Vitrac and colleagues believe that the collective antioxidant properties and transcriptional effect of this extract has potential anti-aging properties that can be put to use in cosmetic and nutraceutical formulations.

The research is published in the ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.