For all those who are not aware, a Mediterranean diet is rich in legumes, olive oil, fruits, vegetables, fish along with moderate dairy and meat products. Consuming this diet inclusive of large proportions of fruits and vegetables gifts humans a longer span of life, claim scientists from the University of Gothenburg.

This trial called the H70 study inspected many 70 year old senior citizens who conformed to a Mediterranean diet and those who consumed high amounts of meat and poultry. As per the results, people who were on a Mediterranean diet apparently had 20% greater chance of living for a longer time.


“The conclusion we can draw from these studies is that there is no doubt that a Mediterranean diet is linked to better health, not only for the elderly but also for youngsters,” quoted Gianluca Tognon, scientist at the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg.

As per estimations, the life span of those holding on to Mediterranean diet may increase by 2 to 3 years, as compared to those who do not follow this diet. Experts are of the opinion this kind of diet could be significantly associated with better health for old people as well as youngsters.

Many studies ever since 1950 have highlighted the importance of adhering to this kind of diet for good health. The article, ’Does the Mediterranean diet predict longevity in the elderly?’ is published in the journal, Age.