Smartphone App

A study recently revealed that images of food induce feelings of hunger and increase appetite. However, snaps of food could also be helpful in a way as Purdue University professionals have put forth a new smartphone app that keeps tabs on the calorie-intake of people by clicking a picture of the meal.

This facility is expected to provide data regarding the proportions of carbohydrate, protein and fat too. This is achieved by the Technology Assisted Dietary Assessment system integrated into the app. However, the scientists cited that determining the density of food is vital for comprehending the nutritional value of the meal. To attain this objective, the team is accessing varied techniques like X-ray CT scans. The latter will produce a 3D image of the food, while the information regarding its nutrients can be affirmed with the help of a laser scanner.


“Our goal is to allow people to electronically record their food intake and help individuals with health challenges like diabetes understand what they’re eating and make healthier choices. Many people don’t realize how much food and how many calories they are consuming, and that is one of the biggest contributors to the increasing weight we have in the United States and around the globe,” commented Carol Boushey, who led the development team while a professor in Purdue’s College of Health and Human Sciences.

The team believed that there are many methods to measure physical activity, but ways to keep track of the number of calories consumed are relatively less. While most diet conscious people type in the name of the food on the web to determine the calories of the food, this app works differently. Individuals have to take a picture of the food they are consuming and the app will inform them of the kind of food, its nutritional value and the amount of the same.

The smartphone app is currently being developed by scientists at the University, which they believe could be an important step towards reducing the obesity epidemic.