Nasal Spray

Alternative forms of administering medicines such as drug delivery devices and sprays are being used by professionals in recent days. A certain kind of nasal spray is being developed by scientists at the University of Nottingham, which can be used for the treatment of osteoporosis.

A drug namely Teriparatide is considered to be an effective therapeutic option for the aforementioned condition, but it is presently accessed in the form of an injection. The medication is supposed to be injected into the bodies of patients on a daily basis. This apparently makes it very cumbersome and difficult for patients, which is why different modes of administering the drug are critical. The nasal spray in progress by this team will utilize CriticalSorb nanotechnology that is marketed by Critical Pharmaceuticals.

“We are excited about working with internationally-recognised clinicians and scientists at The University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust to rapidly develop this highly innovative formulation of teriparatide and look forward to the day we can offer it as an attractive alternative to daily injection for the many older people living with osteoporosis,” cited Critical Pharmaceuticals, CEO, Dr Gareth King,

This spray is expected to take advantage of nanotechnology and consists of teriparatide. Patients may be exposed to the medicine by means of the spray. Notably, this formulation is also known to deliver favorable amounts of plasma to the body for improving its effectiveness.

Most biological drugs necessitate the use of an injection mode of delivery. However, CriticalSorb nanotechnology seems to be a non-invasive and fruitful method for delivery of drugs that could serve as a replacement for injections.