ANU Experts The health world recently stumbled upon an astonishing means to tackle cancer. In a major breakthrough, experts from The Australian National University found that information sharing immune cells can be of significant help in the battle against cancer. The research sheds light of new probable ways of how immune system works.

At the time of the research, it was observed that immune cells seemingly respond to a foreign substance or pathogen. These cells are probably transfer their ability of identifying the invader to other immune cells at a rapid speed. Harnessing this process can reportedly open doors to novel ways of treating cancerous tumors and strengthening immunity in patients with weaker immune systems.

Immunity can supposedly be expanded against pathogens and cancer by exploiting the way immune cells transfer their ability to detect invaders. Professor Parish and colleagues presume that the research findings also aid in combating infections and enhancing immunity.

Further investigations can be conducted to analyze when, why and how this process occurs and whether it can be harnessed to fight cancer as well as other infections.