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Further motivating physical activity among people, a new report by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has revealed that reducing the amount of time spent sitting could increase life expectancy. According to the team, an active life could reduce cardiovascular risks and improve heart health.

In the study that was conducted by a team in America, it was seen that people could live an additional 2 years if they sat for less than 3 hours. Reducing the amount of time watching television to less than 2 hours seemed to increase life expectancy by roughly 1.4 years.

BHF Senior Cardiac Nurse Natasha Stewart remarked, “This research only suggests a causal association between sedentary behavior and a shorter life expectancy. It also used American data so we’d need to see more research to understand what it means for the UK population. We all need to be regularly active to keep our hearts healthy.

The findings are in line with studies showing how sedentary activities increase risk of stroke, heart disease and diabetes. A recent trail even linked the practice of prolonged sitting to early mortality.

The team believed that there are plenty of ways to remain active. Giving up driving for smaller distances and walking instead should help. Besides, playing the desired sports instead of watching them on screen could keep the mind active and energized.

Recent UK guidelines have put forth the vitality of reducing sitting time among people. Basically, the report put forth a causal link between sedentary lifestyles and shorter life spans.