Skin Cancer Mobile App

Coming as a helping hand in the realm of cancer, scientists from the University of Michigan (U-M) Health System have developed a new skin cancer app for self examination. Dubbed UMSkinCheck, the utility automatically sends reminders for users to monitor their skin cuts and lesions.

The app also provides a set of skin cancer specimens for patients to compare and understand their risks, if any. Considering that skin cancer incidence has grown significantly in the US, this tool seems to be a beneficial initiative taken towards preventing this disease. The application basically houses a set of 23 images covering the entire human body from head to toe. These photos are secured in the app for future assessments. The app is expected to remind the concerned user regarding check-ups at regular intervals.

“Whole body photography is a well-established resource for following patients at risk for melanoma. However, it requires a professional photographer, is not always covered by insurance, and can be an inconvenience. Now that many people have digital cameras on their phones, it’s more feasible to do this at home,” expressed Michael Sabel, M.D., associate professor of surgery at the U-M Medical School.

The team believed that detecting skin cancer or melanoma at the earliest stages holds the key to combating the condition. Some of the risk factors enlisted by experts include use of tanning beds, sunburns and family history of melanoma. People experiencing any of these are advised to undergo regular skin examinations for early diagnosis. Once identified at a premature level, the treatment options deployed may be less invasive and lead to successful treatment.

The UMSkinCheck app has been tailored for iPhones and iPads. It can be downloaded via iTunes.