Healthy Hair Your hair is your body’s barometer, in the sense that when you are ill or lacking in nutrients, your body first draws nutrients from your hair’s quota, as it is less vital than other organs. When this happens, results show up in various forms like dandruff, eczema, temporary hair loss and premature graying. Let’s get into each of these conditions, outlining their causes and practical solutions.

Causes of Dandruff
Dandruff is usually a result of overactive sebaceous (oil-producing) glands, which speed up the scalp’s cellular turnover. However, it should also be noted that dandruff can be hereditary or caused by dietary deficiencies, hormonal changes, yeast infections, alkaline soaps and stress.

How to keep the snowfall under control:
Moderate flakes can be controlled by using a medicated shampoo like Head & Shoulders or Clinic All Clear, which contain pyrithione zinc and salicyclic acid. However, if the condition persists for a long period after use of such medicated shampoos, you might have a serious skin condition that would require the intervention of a dermatologist.\

Causes of Eczema and Psoriasis:
You may have Eczema or Psoriasis if you have red, itchy patches on your scalp. The causes of such skin conditions range from stress, allergies and infections to genetic tendencies.

Ways to keep Eczema and Psoriasis under control:
You will have to see a dermatologist or trichologist. Till then, you could use mild and moisturizing shampoos like Lush Trichomania or the more easily available Garnier Ultra Doux Gentle Shampoo. Avoid using medicated shampoos, as they would irritate the scalp even more.

Causes of Hair Loss (temporary):
If you notice that you have been losing more than 100 strands a day, then get your scalp checked out, because this might be something serious. Temporary hair loss may be caused due to anaemia, fungal infections, thyroid abnormalities, illness, medications that may be too harsh, rapid weight loss and even stress.

Ways to speed up Hair Recovery:
Most female hair loss is temporary and reversible, that is only once you have cured the underlying problem causing it. To speed up the recovery of your hair, try Parachute Therapie, Keratase Noctocalm and Vichy Dercos. If hair loss continues, see a trichologist, as it might signify a more serious (but rare) genetic condition or an immune disorder.

Why am I turning grey before my time?
Premature graying has actually been defined as the onset of graying before the age of 30. Greying is caused by the gradual reduction of melanin production within the hair follicle. One of the prime factors causing premature graying is heredity, but it could also be a sign of B-12 deficiency, thyroid disorder, vitiligo, pernicious anaemia, side-effects of medication or smoking. However, even treating the problem will not make your hair go back to its original color. Hence speedy action should be taken to prevent premature graying.