Honey for Wight LossWant to lose weight? Well here is something that’s sweet, has lesser calories, healthy antioxidants and pre-biotic properties. Scientists say that honey, which provides all the goodness mentioned above and more, may be better than table sugar for people who want to really lose weight.

Researchers at the San Diego State University studied clover honey and buckwheat honey and through the study they have investigated claims that certain types of honey have a better glycemic index than other. Glycemic index is a measure of a food’s effect on blood sugar. The researchers found very little difference in honeys’ glycemic indices, which ranged from 69.13 to 74.14 and all were very close to table sugar’s glycemic index of 68.

Apparently foods with a high glycemic index including starchy foods are not good for people with diabetes and for those trying to lose weight. To conclude, the researchers found that honey is sweeter, but consumes fewer calories.