Paracetamol and Coffee

A recent research has stated that consuming coffee and painkiller paracetamol at the same time can increase the risk of liver damage.

It was found that caffeine triples the amount of a toxic by-product created when paracetamol is broken down. This toxin is the same as the one responsible for liver damage and liver failure in toxic reactions involving alcohol and paracetamol.

For years now consumers have been warned by health experts that drinking excess alcohol while taking paracetamol could trigger off a toxic interaction and could cause liver failure or possibly even death.

However, this happens to be the first time that scientists have reported a potentially harmful interaction if the painkiller is taken with caffeine.

Moreover, a study based on this matter was published in the ACS’ Chemical Research in Toxicology journal suggesting that people who take paracetamol should limit the amount of caffeine intake.

ACS journal’s author and chemist Sidney Nelson said, “People should be informed about this potentially harmful interaction.”

“The bottom line is that you don’t have to stop taking paracetamol or stop taking caffeine products, but you do need to monitor your intake more carefully when taking them together, especially if you drink alcohol,” Nelson added.