LogbookFX Logo Mobile Diabetic has come out with a mobile software application called the ‘LogbookFX diabetes logbook’ which can be used by diabetics as a health diary. Further, it is preloaded with multimedia pictures and melodies, offering patients especially juvenile diabetics a fun way to keep track of their blood glucose.

Mobile Diabetic, a medical device manufacture and developer of the LogbookFX diabetes logbook application is known for introducing personal mobile diabetes health management and education tools. Their services are meant to offer diabetics a simple way to manage and control the disease as well as to lower the cost of healthcare.

Using the Logbook FX software, diabetics will be able to track their glucose levels with ease via their mobile phones. The application also presents daily number graphs and reports that indicate high or low trends, offering a good way for diabetics to manage the disease.

Further, users of the LogbookFX will also be able to maintain their personal diet with the help of web carbohydrate search tables.

The unique LogbookFX software has been crafted to suit the personal characteristics of users, offering them a customized experience. Not only that, it will make living with diabetes a much easier as the software also offers a rich multimedia experience, making users want to use the application more frequently.

Adding to the fun factor seems to be the presence of wallpaper pictures that will surely encourage people to initiate physical activity, keeping their glucose levels under control.

You can get access to this free software from here.