Pill Phone No studies, no researches and no treatments this time around. Here’s a device that gives you a reminder on one of the most important things that you need to take care of in your daily schedule, but inadvertently fail doing so – taking your pills on time!

One of America’s leading wireless network operator, Verizon Wireless has joined hands with VOCEL, a publisher of premium branded mobile phone applications to roll out The Pill Phone. Self explanatory from the name itself, this latest Get It Now application offers Verizon’s subscribers detailed drug information and automatic dosing reminders on their mobile phones.

The Pill Phone is essentially a handset version of the The Pill Book, a best-selling medication reference guide. The device incorporates the Pill Lookup feature, which enables Verizon customers to access vital information on over 1800 medications and prescription drugs such as indications, dosing, side effects, drug interactions, photos of medications, and more, which are usually prescribed by physicians.

In addition, the device includes a Medication Reminder feature through which users can program automatic reminders to take their doses at appropriate times. It can remain on the user’s familiar medication schedule at home and even when they are traveling.

Mark Bartolomeo, vice president of enterprise data sales for Verizon Wireless said, “The Pill Phone helps our customers leverage technology to manage their health by providing educational information and dosage reminders.” Adding, “Our health and wellness conscious customers want to be able to access important health information and The Pill Phone can serve as a valuable resource to help them access this information while on-the-go.”

The Pill Phone can be purchased and downloaded from the Get Going or Tools on the Go virtual shopping zone of the Get It Now virtual store by clicking on “Get New App” and then “Mind, Body & Soul.” Available exclusively via Verizon Wireless, The Pill Phone comes with a $3.99 monthly subscription on several popular Get It Now-capable phones, including the Chocolate and the enV by LG, the LG VX9400, the MotoRazr maxx Ve, and the Alias by Samsung. Airtime or megabyte charges apply for sending and receiving data using Get It Now, depending on the plan.

So, now you have no excuse for not popping that pill!