Forms of Exercise

It is said that we only start feeling comfortable in our bodies by the time we are 30. No wonder many of us have issues with either weight gain or weight loss. Having looked at different forms of work-outs and weight training in particular, let us take look at some other rather interesting activities one might undertake.


It is great exercise for the whole body and there’s nothing better if you enjoy it as a recreation. It is essentially, a form of aerobics, requiring moderate amounts of energy for longer periods. It builds endurance and upper body strength. Some people prefer carrying out other exercises as it offers additional resistance. It may be recommended in rehabilitation as minimum stress is placed on joints. It is not the perfect form of exercise on its own. However, it is a good option if you want to shed a few pounds. But you may want to consider some hygiene issues before joining the local sports club. Most pools are often crowded and chances are the only time you can spare for your new activity are peak hours when fretting mothers and yelling children would shoulder you at every turn. And if you knew water-borne diseases are the leading causes of death in the world, you would think twice before joining. Also, excessive use of chlorine in pools causes skin problems.


30 minutes of brisk walking is still recommended by many doctors as the simplest way to stay fit. However, caution should be practiced if you have respiratory or cardiac problems. Also, in a polluted city, taking a very early morning walk would not be the best idea. There is high probability of chest infections too in highly cold climates as was recently observed in Mumbai. So procuring 30 minutes in the evening would be a good idea.


This form of dance is one of the latest trends in the mad rush to anorexia! If hitting the weights just isn’t meant for, Salsa can be a fun alternative. Salsa is the Spanish word for sauce and the dance form lives up to its spicy connotation. Essentially a partner dance, it has its roots in Latin America, more specifically Cuba. It is a very sensuous and creative art form performed to Salsa music. It a great form of cardio that builds endurance and tones your body. Of course, this wouldn’t happen overnight. But if you develop a liking for it, it can be the most fun way of staying in shape. Most salsa classes are held in the evenings and on weekends. It would also go a long way in releasing stress as meeting other people and doing things disconnected with your daily routine are the best ways to kick the blues. It is a great way to socialize and if you find yourself in interesting situations, you will be thanking me for writing this feature!

by Punit Pania