ICICI Lombard, UnitedHealth Group Logo Indian health insurance company ICICI Lombard has joined hands with US-based UnitedHealth Group to offer Indian travelers to America access to a broad range of health care services.

Under this initiative, ICICI Lombard policy holders who travel to the US from India will get access to UnitedHealthcare’s provider network as well as medical management and organized resources that will take care of their health needs, if necessary.

According to the Minnesota-based UnitedHealth Group, the partnership with ICICI Lombard demonstrates the increasingly global nature of today’s health care market in which health companies are offering a broader access to more innovative health care solutions for the mobile population.

In fact, United Group’s global business is helping to lead this trend by offering coverage to expatriates for both US and international companies.

“This partnership is an innovative benefit for Indians who are increasingly traveling abroad for both occupational and educational purposes. We are committed to continuously enhancing our service and value proposition, and we look forward to leveraging the assets of UnitedHealth Group to deliver the best in service and resources to our customers throughout their travels to the United States,” said Sudhir Menon, Head of Travel Insurance, ICICI Lombard.

Ori Karev, CEO of UnitedHealth International feels that this partnership with ICICI Lombard is an important step in making access to cross-border health care more seamless for consumer.

Karev confirmed that UnitedHealth is following a model to explore such ventures in multiple markets.