MedicKey USB Device Portable Information Management Systems has announced that they plan to bring their personal Electronic Health Record Key, commonly referred to as MedicKey into the market.

The MedicKey is a portable key chain sized USB device that happens to be the first of its kind to shorten the gap between hospitals, doctors and patients regarding their over-all health care wherever they may be. It allows the patient to always have critical medical information with them.

Michael Bick, PhD, co-founder of MedicKey said that the MedicKey launch comes just as the nations need for Personal Health Records that can transcend limited facility-specific technology becomes increasingly unavoidable.

Each hospital has its own technology for record keeping and hospitals simply cannoy conveniently replay patients’ records from facility to facility due to the possibility of medical errors and such like.

But, with the help of MedicKey, hospital staff can be provided with all the patient’s emergency contact information, medications and allergies, dramatically cutting down any testing that delays further care.

Further, MedicKey USB device allows hospitals to upload new records easily to each patient’s MedicKey device to remain updated. Once at home, the individual or home physician can quickly view, add or edit medication details and notes regarding care and treatments received.

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