Anti-Aging StraightTalk

An exclusive self-help report on anti-aging titled ‘Anti-Aging Straight Talk’ written by author Michael Moshier has now been published online. The report claims to be ‘intelligent’, ‘insightful’, ‘candid’ and ‘objective’ and provides ‘common-sense’ steps towards developing one’s own anti-aging program. It is meant for people in the age group of 35-105 and is aimed at getting rid of all the misguidance and misinformation regarding methods to tackle anti-aging.

Michael Mosher, also the President of Green Frog Communication’s, said, “Upon encountering the proverbial sting of mortality, I patently refused to ‘get over it’ and grow old without a fight. My way of fighting began by carefully researching the avalanche of anti-aging information and misinformation, separating the wheat from the chaff, meeting health industry movers and shakers, and personally testing myriad nutritional products.” He claims to practice what he preaches through his report.

Allan C. Kramer, M.D., Board Certified in Preventive Medicine recommends the book by saying that, “A no-nonsense valuable Report loaded with the latest of what is known about anti-aging. The author’s emphasis on common sense and moderation makes this well-written document a must-read for anybody serious about anti-aging benefits.”

‘Anti-Aging Straight Talk’ gives life-enhancing steps to manage slow-aging and increase the longevity of life. Excerpts from the report describing the ‘secrets’ of living longer are:

  • Gaining a clear understanding of major life-threatening risk factors.
  • Collecting and tracking key health data and metrics.
  • Discovering the benefits of ‘topping off’ anti-aging hormone levels.
  • Taking the top-ten most important nutritional supplement products daily.
  • Implementing sound ideas about common sense and moderation.
  • Forming a strategic working partnership with the doctor.
  • The report is priced at $29.95 and can be downloaded in a PDF format after placing an order for it online.