Reiki Grandmaster Kumari Gopal

Reiki, the name may not sound familiar to many, however it possesses a high amount of energy and healing powers. Reiki is ideally a universal healing force which uses the natural form of energy and combination of chakras in the body as a medium to let the healing energy flow through the palms and deliver it to the needy.

The name Reiki is a Japanese word which is broken down into Rei and Ki. Rei refers to the universal total essence and Ki means vital life force energy which flows through all living beings. To learn the natural method of healing, one has to go through an attunement from a Reiki Grandmaster and the pupil will require practicing Reiki for the next 21 days from the date of attunement. The course involves 4 levels of attunement, wherein the pupil can stop at any level or if they wish to continue they can even do that, it is a matter of personal choice.

Reiki was first discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui who went through a rigorous research on spirituality terms and traveled to various countries in search of the universal healing power. Dr. Usui later passed on this universal healing force across to his disciples to help the ill and the needy.

Reiki has the potential to cure illnesses in any form. It is a subtle form of energy and can easily handle illnesses from headaches to arthritis. No side-effects are seen in the receiver or the sender of Reiki.

With an assurance of de-stressing and relaxation using a holistic and subtle approach, Reiki can act as a medium for a person to get in touch with their spiritual/holistic self. Reiki can also be described as a form of powerful prayer or meditation as it also involves concentration and meditation to practice Reiki.

We conducted an interview with the Reiki Grandmaster Kumari Gopal, who gave us an insight on Reiki and its miracles:

HJ:How has Reiki helped you and others? Any experiences you can share with us?

Reiki Grandmaster Kumari Gopal: Of Course! Reiki has helped me always and others too tremendously. About the experiences, at the age of 11 years my granddaughter was diagnosed with acute squint eyes and the eye specialists advised to get a surgery done. I used to treat her with Reiki for almost one and a half months and during the next check-up, the doctors were surprised of the miracle that had occurred. The Doctors said that a surgery was no longer required for my granddaughter as her eyesight had returned to normalcy.

And the second incident was during last few weeks of 1999, a flight was hijacked from Nepal to Afghanistan, at that point of time I was in the US and when I heard about the news it upset me a lot. I planned on giving Reiki to the passengers in the flight, so that I can maintain their strength and confidence and prayed for their safety and security through Reiki. And I clearly remember that the passengers were released around 30th December and I was happy to welcome the New Year with great happiness and joy.

HJ:Can Reiki be used to cure major illnesses like heart-attack or stroke? Can you share with us any real life experience that you have come across?

Reiki Grandmaster Kumari Gopal: Yes, Of Course Reiki can cure even major illnesses like heart-attack, stroke, kidney, lung problems or cancer. But to be honest, I don’t have any experience of curing such major illnesses.

HJ: Can Reiki be called Yoga? How different is it from Yoga or Art of living courses?

Reiki Grandmaster Kumari Gopal: Reiki is not mixed with Yoga as Yoga or Art of living is self-exercise for one person whereas Reiki is a form of meditation which helps in curing not only oneself but also others in forms of physically, mentally and spiritually in a healthy way. Reiki can be given to all forms of earth’s creations right from living being to non living beings as well.

HJ: Is it a must for one to practice Reiki regularly after attunement? Will Reiki be available to an attuned person at any point of time?

Reiki Grandmaster Kumari Gopal: Reiki is available to one at any point of time once attuned to this divine grace. Ideally it is advisable that Reiki be practiced on regular basis. To describe it better, it is like a tap where anytime the tap is opened, the water will flow, similarly Reiki will be available at any point of time once the person has received the initial attunement.

HJ: Can Reiki be used with other therapies?

Reiki Grandmaster Kumari Gopal: Definitely, Reiki can be used with any other therapies as well may it be allopathic, homeopathic, ayurveda, acupressure and acupuncture therapies. Reiki can mix well with any form of therapies and it has no side-effects if used with other therapies.

HJ: Which are the various centre’s in India where Reiki can be attained from?

Reiki Grandmaster Kumari Gopal: There are various grandmasters who teach Reiki without any institutional support and there are various Reiki centres spread all over the country like Shri Rang Reiki Center (Kandivali, Mumbai), International Healing Foundation (Sion, Mumbai), Reiki Healing Classes (Noida, New Delhi), International Reiki Foundation (Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore) and many more not only in India but also all over the world.

HJ: Can Reiki be attained by anyone or it depends on the state of mind of the person or the person’s mental understanding?

Reiki Grandmaster Kumari Gopal: Any person having interest and a sound mind can learn and practice Reiki. Reiki can be practiced by everyone easily and in fact, the concentration in that person improves and there is a significant brain development and the person is mentally alert and active because of Reiki. Ideally it’s only the interest that matters as Reiki is an easy form of meditation.

HJ: Is it effective in any time of the day?

Reiki Grandmaster Kumari Gopal: There is no specified time frame where a person needs to practice Reiki as any time of the day the universal life force will be available to one who has been attuned to Reiki. It is the personal preference of the person who can choose a time according to their convenience.

HJ: Any restrictions that the person needs to follow or any lifestyle changes the person needs to make?

Reiki Grandmaster Kumari Gopal: Not really, they can lead a normal lifestyle as they were following, however Reiki attuned persons are expected to think in a positive manner as Reiki works the best on a positive thinking mode. Reiki is a positive life force and positivism is the foundation on which Reiki works very well.

HJ: Thank you so much for your time and all the wonderful inputs.
Reiki Grandmaster Kumari Gopal: You are most welcome.