3Sixty5 for Men and Women XanGo, LLC, has introduced a new whole-food nutrition multi-vitamin brand to supplement its XanGo Juice. XanGo, the creator of mangosteen supplement category, combined the mangosteen rind with botanical phytonutrients from 12 fruits and 12 vegetables to bring out a whole food formula 3SIXTY5.

The super nutrition food is a formula of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and CoQ10 that adds to the effects of XanGo Juice, a well-known juice with antioxidant properties.

“Taken together, 3SIXTY5 and XanGo Juice provide a daily whole nutrition regimen,” said XanGo Founder and Chief Executive Officer Aaron Garrity. “Through the introduction of XanGo Juice nearly six years ago, we established a new category and grew to a billion dollar brand. 3SIXTY5 advances our category and gives XanGo distributors additional opportunity to build their businesses with a complete nutritional product line.”

“Our chelated approach with whole food is designed to ensure greater bioavailability – so you can better receive the benefits of a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids,” says Garrity explaining that the “chelated technology” ‘coats the whole food ingredients in 3SIXTY5 in amino acids, driving increased absorption’.

The supplement boasts of providing ‘four layers of health protection’ in each serving:

  • 3SIXTY5 Daily Essentials – a complete blend of essential vitamins and minerals at optimum levels in bioavailable forms for full absorption
  • 3SIXTY5 Whole Food Blend – a blend of antioxidant-packed mangosteen peel concentrate plus 12 fruits and 12 vegetables, enabling each phytonutrient to build off the good of the other elements

  • 3SIXTY5 Heart Nutrition – a special blend of CoQ10, marine omega concentrate, olive oil, borage oil, organic flaxseed oil and vitamin E
  • For Men:

  • 3SIXTY5 Men’s Nutrition – a blend of natural ingredients, including saw palmetto berry extract and pumpkin seed oil, designed specifically for men’s prostate health and energy
  • For Women:

  • 3SIXTY5 Bone Nutrition – a combination of highly absorbable, chelated calcium and magnesium enhanced with flavonoids, vitamin D, boron and other absorption-optimizing nutrients
  • According to XanGo Chief Marketing Officer John Digles, 3SIXTY5’s supports cardiovascular, bone and joint health. Its blend of nutrition provides key nutrients in the formula meant for women, to maintain their bone health and nutrients in men’s formula maintains the prostate health, (these effects haven’t been evaluated by FDA). “3SIXTY5 is an intelligent, superior absorption formulation with the right amount of nutrients in convenient AM and PM packaging. Together with XanGo Juice, 3SIXTY5 is designed to deliver optimal nutritional benefits and help fortify a balanced diet,” he added.

    The whole food will be available from May 31 onwards in United States and in Canada and Mexico, later this year. Canada and Mexico are XanGo’s largest international market. 3SIXTY5 can be purchased from XanGo’s independent distributors. 3SIXTY5 is available as two separate formulae for men and women. Each box contains supply for a month with AM and PM servings.