Milk, kidney, heart

Okay we know milk is good for healthy bones and a source of calcium, but how does it help the health of our heart and kidney? Well, according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a glass of low fat milk a day keeps the heart diseases away!

Researchers have determined that adults who had one serving of the low-fat milk or milk products everyday were 37 percent less likely to suffer from conditions such as kidney malfunction which is linked to heart disease, than the ones who drank milk that was not low-fat.

The research was done by researchers from universities across Unites States and Norway. The research covered over 5,000 adults belonging to the age group of 45-84. These individuals were tested for albumin-to-creatinine ratio (ACR). A record of the participants eating pattern was also maintained before testing.

ACR is the ratio, when found to be low can cause weakened functioning of the kidneys that is and very high risk cardiovascular diseases suggests American Heart Asscoaition.

The findings confirm that the people who consumed lowfat milk and milk products their kidney functioned in a healthy manner or had lower ACR. Also, the low-fat milk and its products were the only food groups that had a major impact on the functioning of kidney. There was other research also that implied that milk protein, vitamin D, magnesium and calcium have positive effects on the health of the heart.

Therefore a balanced and healthy diet including the lowfat milk and milk products, whole grains, fruits and vegetables had benefits like ACR lowering by 20 percent or healthy kidney function.

Currently, there are 26 million Americans suffering from kidney disease and cardiovascular diseases and has been estimated to be the killer disease in America by National Kidney foundation. Out of every three adults, there is one with some or the other heart disease as per the estimates.

So as the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggests the people of America, please start drinking three glasses of low fat or fat free milk everyday as it is better to have milk which is the source of nine most vital nutrients like calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D, protein and potassium; than having the bitter medicines from doctor.