hungerScientists are constantly on the search of innovative methods to fight obesity. Well they could have just moved a step closer at least that’s what they claim. Researchers at the University College London claim to make available an anti-obesity jab that can apparently stop you from feeling hungry within the next five years or so.

Considered to be a medical breakthrough, the scientists reveal that they are in the process of developing drugs that may control an individuals hormone levels which will subsequently be effective in curbing those hunger pangs.

Dr Rachel Batterham, a Medical Research Council clinician scientist at University College London, remarked, “Body weight is controlled by hormones in our gut, which affect how hungry we feel and are also linked to the brain’s pleasure centre. Weight control surgery affects these hormone levels, so we are now hoping to recreate those hormonal changes in treatments Understanding how these hormones work is really the holy grail.”

The team of researchers claims to have made this discovery after they closely examined gastric band surgery. They found that the levels of the so called hunger hormone, ghrelin in tandem with several other hormones linked to glucose regulation, could undergo major alterations due to this procedure. The technique should also be useful in treatment of type 2 diabetes. The researchers are hopeful that this understanding should help them recreate the effect in a drug.

Researchers are now developing nasal sprays and injections that may alter an individual’s hormone balance. This could help one feel less hungry. They have already begun clinical trials of the synthetic versions of the hormones on humans. Patients who have undergone certain types of surgery have actually benefited after a variation in glucose-controlling hormone levels according to researchers.

The findings of this research have been presented at the British Association Festival of Science in Liverpool today.