Women Weight, Phases

Relationships especially those with the opposite sex sure come with some ups and downs. We all have our share of going through some really good phases and some may be not so good. Yet we are up for the rollercoaster ride. A relationship however has its toll on women in a quite different way-They have weight issues!

A distinct study by researchers at the Slendex reveals that a woman’s weight yo-yos by two stone when they are in a relationship. A woman apparently has five stages of weight fluctuation during a relationship.

Jane McCadden, of Slendex, mentioned, “Our emotions and relationships have an enormous effect on our health and above all our weight. The definite periods in a women’s life that sees their weight rise and fall all link directly to new chapters in their love life or family status.”

The report looked into the series of weight losses and weight gains that a woman undergoes in her entire lifetime. Researchers found that a woman’s weight at any one point relies highly on her happiness quotient in the course of her relationship. The research involved the interview of nearly 3,000 who were asked a series of questions regarding their weight and relationships.

Of the women questioned, nearly 70% reported that their relationship was the most important factor in determining their well-being while a quarter of them presumed that a few extra kilos here and there would eventually turn their partner off.

According to the report, here’s a low down on the average lifestyle of a woman’s weight. The first stage is the Honeymoon Period where women actually have an average weight loss of around 5.3 lbs. This according to experts is because the first flush of a new and exciting romance will make women want to lose weight as they all set out to impress their man by slimming at the beginning.

The next stage is the Comfort Zone where woman on an average gain about 10 lbs. When a woman is a few years into the relationship, she tends put on extra kilos thanks to cosy nights in sharing takeaways with their beloved one. The 3rd stage is the Big Day where women on an average loss nearly 8 lbs of their weight. Obviously a wedding is a big day and women really word hard to look extra special on that day. This makes them completely into healthy eating and exercise to complete the ultimate blushing bride look.

In stage 4, women tend to gain about 14.3 lbs because this is the Baby Boom period for them. Weight is the last thing on a woman’s mind as her main focus is on bringing a new life into the world. Even after the baby is born she’s busy running after the toddler giving her weight a backseat. The final stage is the Reinvention stage; where on average women lose about 10.4lbs. With the children now all grown up women have more time on their hands. Most women consider a midlife make-over to bring the spark back into their life. They undergo weight-loss plans to get back in their yester-year figure and shape.

So if you are always combating to beat the bulge, blame your love life lady.