Obesity Silhouette In the fight against the bulge, people may have adopted various dietary regimes to lose weight. If you are indeed one of these people then you may find this news report very interesting.

A latest research believes that probiotics may have a slimming effect on an individual. With this purpose they are working on a revolutionary weight management research project called “ProSat.” This research was jointly conducted by the nutrition researchers from LIFE – Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Copenhagen and Chr. Hansen, a Danish biotech company.

It has been stated that the main aim of this research was to determine the use of probiotics in maintaining one’s weight. Previous research is said to have seemingly suggested that certain probiotic derivates may have a satiety effect. If these findings are confirmed then this may prove to be helpful to people all over the world in maintaining their weight.

“With excess body weight a growing problem around the world, weight management is indisputably a major health issue today. This project will significantly improve our understanding of the bacterial intestinal flora’s importance in individual weight management,” says Professor Arne Vernon Astrup, MD, DMsc, head of the Department of Human Nutrition at Life – Faculty of Life Sciences.

The main aim of these experts is stated to be the development of a scientifically documented probiotic solution which may induce a feeling of fullness in people and thereby reduce their food consumption.

For this purpose these researchers are conducting an analysis on animals to better assess satiety parameters. These researchers hope to develop various novel products which may contribute to the growing demand for food and dietary supplements having the ability to control the feeling of satiety.