PETA Logo PETA seems to have come up with a solution to overcome certain economic problems which people may face. They are said to have suggested people to turn vegetarian in order to have a relatively healthier body. They are believed to soon erect a billboard with the tagline, “Put a Smile on Your Face, Go Vegetarian! Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Veg.”

They have reasoned that turning vegetarian may have various positive effects on the over all health of a person. PETA activists are believed to have stated that the consumption of non-vegetarian foodstuffs is known to have been linked with various diseases. The consumption of meat and other animal products may presumably be linked with diseases like cardiovascular disorder, diabetes, obesity, stroke and may be even cancer. Apart from this, they have even pointed out that vegetarians may be relatively fitter and healthier than their non-vegetarian eating counterparts.

It has also been stated that turning vegetarian may save the life of a huge number of animals. In fact they have elucidated that a person who has adopted a vegetarian diet may inadvertently save the life of more than 100 animals in a year.

Tracy Reiman, PETA Executive Vice President, says that, “We don’t have much control over the misery that results from rising unemployment rates and home foreclosures, but we can control what’s on our plates. Just by going vegetarian, you can improve your health, save animals’ lives, and protect the Earth — and that’s a lot to smile about.”

Seemingly turning vegetarian may not only do personal good to a person, but it may also benefit the planet on a whole. According to them a 2006 U.N. study is believed to have said that raising animals for food could possibly produce more greenhouse gas emissions as compared to all the planes, trains, cars etc.