University of Sydney Logo World Salt Awareness Week that is conducted from 21 to 27 March this year has a theme which attempts to highlight Salt and Men’s Health. With that in mind, experts from the University of Sydney put forth an article which asserts that Australian men taking in excess amount of salt develop sexual complications. Salt, the apparent cause of high blood pressure may be attributable to thousands of deaths due to premature strokes, heart attacks and heart failure.

Excess salt intake may not only raise blood pressure levels, but also pave way for serious illnesses such as stomach cancer, kidney disease, osteoporosis and asthma. Over the past years, a tremendous increase in salt intake has been observed among both young men and women. This may be a major cause of premature death and disease.

In the current study, scientists have shed light on the seeming link between salt and sex in men. Awareness about the effects of salt can probably benefit a huge number of younger men worldwide. Professor Bruce Neal, the University’s senior director at The George Institute and Chairman of the Australian Division of World Action on Salt and Health (AWASH) and colleagues discovered shockingly high levels of salt in the processed foods and meals that men eat every day.

The study findings reportedly have great significance in the health terrain.