PocketDoc Privileged users of iPhone may have another thing to be happy about. A novel iPhone application has recently been introduced which is believed to aid common people with their routine medical problems.

The new PocketDoc application by PEPID boasts of assisting laymen with medical issues like first aid during emergency, preventing injuries, information on drug interactions, medical and legal references for living wills and patient bill of rights etc. directly through their iPhone devices.

The PocketDoc, with its exquisite access to medical information, is believed to enhance the experience of all iPhone users. This application is said to comprise of a wide array of health-related issues which may be useful for people of all ages.

Apart from this, it is also believed to aid people in better evaluating their drugs and checking medications for any fatal interactions. This helpful application seemingly may serve as a useful platform for acquiring immediate answers to routine medical questions. They are believed to guide an individual in understanding why a particular drug has been prescribed, the best way of storing their medications, overdose management, etc.

The application’s wide range of features includes valuable information on first aid during emergency. It apparently answers questions about grave circumstances taking place indoors as well as outdoors and allegedly covers topics from minor bruises to even suspected heart attack.

Prevention is believed to be the next helpful feature of this application. It was noted that the best way an injury may be treated was to try and avoid it in the first place. The phrase, “Prevention is better than cure,” may hold true in this stanza. This particular section is believed to provide information on how to prepare oneself before hand for situations which could create health complications.

Apart from this PocketDoc also boasts of comprising of numerous high-resolution images of poisonous plants, human anatomy, and animals. It also evidently aids one in determining their ideal weight and body mass index, among other things with the help of medical and metric conversion calculators.

This application is believed to provide helpful guidance for checking medications, caring during illness, aid during an emergency, etc. among others.