Tooth It is known that drinking acidic beverages may have harmful effects on one’s teeth. For this purpose experts are known to have warned people to be wary of such beverages. However, for those people whose teeth may have already become subject to dental erosion, three steps have been recommended to rehabilitate their teeth. These steps have been suggested by lead author Mohamed A. Bassiouny, DMD, MSc., PhD.

Dr. Bassiouny is noted to have highlighted the harmful effects and acidic content of certain beverages like lemon, soda, orange juice, green and black tea, etc. among others. Apparently, he has illustrated three steps through which one may be able to regenerate eroded teeth.

People who are experiencing teeth erosion have notably been asked, with the help of a dentist, to first identify the main source of erosion. Following the identification, the next step involves the evaluation and understanding of the exact source which has affected the tooth, so that required measures may be taken to manage and control further damage. Evidently, the last step involves avoiding or reducing the intake of foodstuffs and beverages which may prove to be harmful to the dental health.

“Some may not even realize a problem exists when their teeth are in the early stages of dental erosion. Without proper diagnosis by a general dentist, more serious oral health issues could occur,” says Kenton Ross, DDS, FAGD, a spokesperson for AGD. “Visiting your general dentists twice a year can help maintain healthy teeth as well as uncover and prevent future problems.”

These experts have also stated that the acidic content of certain commonly available foodstuffs and beverages may be available on the product label or online for better understanding. Apart from this, acquiring a dentist’s advice has also been suggested for the treatment of the damaged tissue.

These findings have been published in General Dentistry, a peer-review journal by the Academy of General Dentistry.