BlackBerry, ECG A new mobile handheld technology developed by mVisum of Cedar Brook, NJ, is been tested. This communication tool boasts of providing off-site cardiologists access to EKGs that can then be used to prescribe immediate treatment. The Department of Veterans Affairs is testing this new system which seemingly enables fast transfer of clinical data to a smartphone for review within minutes.

The mVisum Medical Communication System is stated to be a communication tool which permits health-care personnel to securely receive, review and respond to a patient’s medical data recorded at the point of care. This transfer of information notably takes place through secure HIPAA compliant internet servers, later transmitting it via mobile technology to the smartphone of the physician. More so, this system is also loaded with the ability to be availability aware, so that the patient can refer to another physician in the absence of the original intended physician.

The various types of medical data that can be sent through this technique include DICOM images, EKG’s, CT scans, MRI’s, X-rays, etc. Along with this, textual information relating to the patient may also be included in the message for the purpose of getting a broader idea about the condition of the patient.

Now coming to the process of the mVisum system, it starts by recording the patient’s medical information at the point of care. Point of care may allegedly include the hospital, physician’s office, medical center, and for that matter anywhere that the patient is situated and an mVisum system is installed.