Blausen Human AtlasThe Blausen Human Atlas application for the iPhone could perhaps change the way physicians and healthcare providers communicate with patients. It is known to offer a high-quality selection of images and related animations demonstrating all kinds of conditions, treatments, and anatomical information.

Apparently, this latest application provides quick accessible 3D animations of common medical treatments and conditions. The animations are believed to be approximately one to two minutes in length. The Human Atlas appears to have been developed on a 6-7th grade reading level, thereby providing readily available and comprehensible educational content. It is noted to be an excellent point-of-care digital tool for patients, healthcare professionals, students, and consumers.

This application also seems to allow users to manipulate picture and animations at the touch of a finger. The zoom feature gives the ability to examine different body systems.

The Blausen Human Atlas iPhone digital resource tool is noted to have been derived from Blausen’s proprietary medical animation library. The library is known to contain over 7,000 individual animations and nearly 13, 000 illustrations. The atlas is believed to be worldwide recognized as unique in the field of medical illustration.

It seems to cover nearly 15 general medical topics including cancer, circulatory, digestive, ear, endocrine, eye, immune, muscular, nervous, pediatric, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal, skin and urinary. Also, these 15 categories contain approximately 10 video animations.

Furthermore, it has 360 degree rotatable human body systems which display nine complete body systems. For example, circulatory, muscular, skeleton etc. It could perhaps also search for more that 1,500 medical glossary terms along with nearly 1200 detailed still images.

This novel Human Atlas 2.0 application is known to cost $19.99 from the Apple iTunes App Store. The extended content upgrades may be bought through the 2.0 application. Also, these upgrades are being sold for $3.99 to $4.99 for each atlas topic.