American Chemical SocietyAs people grow older, they need to take extra care for their body. This is because their body becomes weak to fight off age-related disorders. With scientific proof apparently associating elevated levels of copper and iron to Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and other disorders, a new study proposes particular steps older people could take to evade upsurge of harmful quantities of these metals in their bodies.

The study indicates that copper and iron are said to be vital nutrients for life, with elevated levels truly useful to the reproductive health of younger people. Nevertheless, post 50 years, high levels of these metals could impair cells in ways that may add to the risk of developing several age-related diseases.

George J. Brewer commented, “It seems clear that large segments of the population are at risk for toxicities from free copper and free iron, and to me, it seems clear that preventive steps should begin now.”

The study mentions these people need to evade vitamin and mineral pills that comprise of cooper and iron. Also they have to lower meat consumption and not drink water from copper pipes. Moreover, they can donate blood often to decrease iron levels and have to consume zinc supplements to lessen copper levels.

The study was published in ACS’ Chemical Research in Toxicology.