CelluliteDX Genetic Test Warm countries with clear blue waters and white sandy beaches sure tempt everyone. Here’s interesting news for the many women who plan to hit the beach but fear cellulite. The new Cellulite DX Genetic Test has been designed to help detect moderate to severe cellulite in women.

This test helps doctors forecast if a patient is at high risk for developing Nurnberger-Muller grade 2 cellulite. This data will assist doctors to initiate a plan that may reduce the risk of developing moderate to severe cellulite with the help of therapy and/or lifestyle changes. Existing therapies seemingly fail to reverse cellulite once has occurred. It is identified that early changes may slow or stop the development of cellulite and visual aesthetics. These changes include exercise, medication choices and therapies such as laser therapy.

“Even though cellulite affects a large percentage of women, very few scientific studies have attempted to understand the underlying molecular and physiological basis. Our study of cellulite is a breakthrough in the understanding of the cause of cellulite, and ushers an era of new potential therapies for cellulite,” says Enzo Emanuele, MD, Research fellow, at the University Of Pavia, Italy.

It is identified that the test informs about the existence or nonexistence of a specific variation in the angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE) gene, which plays a significant role in the cardiovascular system. DermaGenoma CEO Andy Goren shares that this test is more suitable for women who have not yet developed moderate to severe cellulite and could have a family history of cellulite.

Patients have 70% chances of developing moderate to severe cellulite if he/she tests positive for the ACE variant. This patent-pending CelluliteDX Genetic Test kit is accessible through qualified doctors. These doctors collect genetic sample using a cheek swab and the sample is further mailed to DermaGenoma’s CLIA-certified laboratory for analysis. Results from this analysis are delivered to the doctors in two to three weeks.

The CelluliteDX Genetic Test costs $249.