Andre Carpentier

When it comes to fat, we are all well-versed with the protective effects of brown fat, as it is known to burn calories. But, until now its use has not been very substantial. This study by scientists from the University of Sherbrooke has put forth that energy expenditure due to cold exposure may help lose weight, apparently due to the production of brown adipose tissue.

In this trial, 6 healthy men were exposed to cold that was controlled to reduce maximum shivering. In this clinical study, the investigators made use of positron emission tomography with a tracer of glucose, energy and fatty acid. Seemingly, all the volunteers used high proportions of blood glucose and fat during cold conditions. Moreover, the cumulative energy consumption seemed to be elevated, specifically with respect to brown fat. Thus, the activation of brown fat led to higher energy expenditure, due to which shivering appeared to be restrained.

“It is possible to consider a treatment targeting the metabolic activation of brown fat combined with exercise and good nutrition in the treatment of obesity and its consequences. However, people should not spend their money in the purchase of air conditioning systems in the hope of losing weight. There is still much research to do before you can use this strategy in an effective and clinically safe, “cited Professor André Carpentier.

The analysis basically revealed that brown adipose tissue in the body utilizes substantial proportions of energy, which are already conserved in other fats, during cold exposure. This process that raises the energy expenditure could be related to weight loss, the team concluded.

The findings are published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.