Text Cancer Treatment Cancer treatments may be available in abundance, but providing the precise medications can be difficult. This complication appears to have been resolved in the following tidbit. Researchers from the Simon Fraser University have apparently placed personalized therapies for the genetic makeup of individual cancers. Having employed advanced DNA sequencing techniques, the experts found genetic changes gathering in the tumor.

A personalized drug regime was put forth by the experts that are assumed to stabilize the aggressive cancer for several months. By the genetic sequencing, researchers were able to differentiate the genes that were probably driving factors particular to the tumor from those genes included in normal cellular processes. The findings seem to provide genome-scale DNA and RNA that is identical to DNA sequencing of a tumor to advance clinical decision-making and therapeutic choice.

Stephen Jones GSC an associate director believes that with a complete map of the molecular alterations within a tumor in a clinical setting, the technology can be applied as a personalized medicine in oncology. It has been claimed that as advancements in DNA sequencing is achieved, the cost will simultaneously decline.

The research is published in the journal Genome Biology.