Doctor on Call DOC Medical Services, a company in Chennai, in the southern part of India has launched a medical service called ‘Doctor on Call.’ As the name itself suggests, this service is aimed at providing house visits by physicians to the sick.

The Doctor on Call service delivers comprehensive preventive healthcare services at DOC centers through a diagnostics-on-call service. Further, it will be provided not just in homes but also at the work place.

DOC centers offer consultation and diagnostics including ECGs, Cardiac stress analysis, spirometry, audiometry, x-ray, and ultrasound. This medical service also offers a comprehensive stocked pharmacy.

It is also known that DOC’s Doctor On Call service requires a network of good quality specific doctors who could schedule their times for house visits.

According to Balakrishna Udaykumar, Managing Director, DOC Medical Services,“The service will currently scale up in Chennai, before expanding to the other cities in the state.”

Interestingly, this initiative has been aimed at those patients who wish to avoid waiting to consult the doctor at a clinic, especially during the time of sudden illnesses.