Weight Loss Benefits Obesity is believed to be a major risk factor for diabetes and heart diseases. While losing weight seems to be beneficial in reducing this risk, getting rid of excess fats is not that easy. Experts from the University of Missouri suggest that resistance training while regaining weight reduces risks for chronic disease.

The study included two phases for simulating real-life weight loss and regaining. In the former phase overweight and obese participants were made follow 8 to 12 week regimen of diet and aerobic exercise. The volunteers claimed to have lost 4 to 6 percent of initial body weight. In the latter phase, participants performed 45 minutes of supervised resistance training three times each week and regained 50 percent of the lost weight.

Shana Warner, a doctoral student in the MU Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, alleged, “Long-term weight loss maintenance is uncommon without regular exercise. It is very important to address other things that can be done to maintain health as opposed to focusing solely on body weight. Our research indicates that following a consistent exercise program can help maintain certain aspects of metabolic health, even in those who experience weight regain.”

It was observed that weight training during weight regain has a positive effect on health. This training can probably decline chances of developing diabetes, heart disease and other ailments. Scientists affirmed that study subjects had prolonged improvements of weight loss in cardiorespiratory fitness, body fat percentage, systolic blood pressure and other factors. A considerable elevation in strength and lean body mass was reported by the participants. But reductions in visceral abdominal fat which included fat deposited around internal organs were apparently not maintained. It was discovered that performing aerobic exercise while regaining weight averts many risk factors linked with chronic diseases.

The study was published in The Journal of Clinical Hypertension.