Oil Cleansing Method The oil cleansing method (OCM) seems to have been accepted as a new trend within the Internet circuit. OCM appears logical and scientific because the face produces oil then applying natural oils to the face cleans facial skin better than soap and water. According to Emily Moosbrugger, MD, a UC Health dermatologist, OCM can worsen pre-existing skin conditions like acne.

Even though oil does not seem dangerous for using on the face, but in case the skin is prone to breakouts, then OCM can be avoided. Oil is apparently capable of clogging pores instead of cleaning them. Most patients visiting a dermatologist probably face a skin problem. Face washing rules possibly apply same for people with or without skin complications. Individuals with skin problems are supposedly advised to avoid harsh cleansers with alcohol, some of the anti-bacterial soaps and heavily perfumed soaps.

Those with skin issues can seemingly go for mild, water-based cleansers, but not oil cleansing. Also drinking appropriate quantities of water probably creates a significant impact on skin. Moisturizing may be the key to keeping skin healthy, particularly in cold weather. Thicker cream-based moisturizers can be apparently employed during the winter months.