University Of Groningen Physicians treating patients with the chronic bowel disease ulcerative colitis can possibly benefit from the following piece of information. In a major breakthrough, scientists have laid hands on a total of 47 genes that are linked with ulcerative colitis. The study findings may provide a detailed insight into the development of this ailment.

The investigation carried out on a global scale began at UMCG in 2000, which engulfed patients from 15 different countries. Data of 6,687 UC patients was compared with 19,718 control patients in the meta-analysis. The achieved findings were then evaluated in a second group of 9,628 UC patients and 12,917 control patients. As a result, 47 genes possibly correlated with ulcerative colitis were detected.

Dr Rinse Weersma, gastroenterologist at the UMCG, and colleagues predict that the study findings can help in understanding the mechanisms involved in the disease’s origin. Also the genetic variants creating an impact on the course of ulcerative colitis can be analyzed. Drugs targeting the newly discovered genes can probably help in treating the disorder.

The study was published in the journal Nature Genetics.