Penn State Logo Here is a simple yet effective method to raise the fitness levels of an individual. Experts from the Penn State claim that paying visit to public parks and recreation sites helps in being healthier and physically fit. It was suggested that going to parks and playgrounds develops a positive impact on the health of a person.

In the current investigation, it was pointed out that the number of parks and playgrounds in a community may influence the fitness level of the residents. The presence of a park within half a mile of the house apparently adds 17 more minutes to physical activity. Studies have also asserted that the closer parks and recreational sites are to where people live, the higher is the frequency of visit and the more physically active they are.

“The physical benefits of park and recreation access are sort of obvious, but we have to look at the reverse,” said Geof Godbey, professor emeritus of leisure studies. “If people aren’t going to parks, what would they be doing with that time? Would they be sitting around at home, drinking a few beers, eating cheese puffs, and watching reruns on television?”

Almost all age groups possibly benefits from increased physical activity. In addition to lowering cancer risk, physical activity may also assist in overcoming tobacco addiction. Scientists conducted a survey in which almost 85 percent middle-aged and older participants had visited a local park within the last year. It was noted that 40 percent people going to the park more than once a week are supposedly more active and healthy. Losing access to parks can allegedly lead to unhealthy behaviors.

In conclusion, park and recreational facilities were presumed to be a vital part of the health care system.