Electronic Fitness Trainer Individuals motivated by Daniel Worona’s slogan, ‘Take charge, don’t be large’ may be quite particular about their diet and physical fitness. Even though a personalized diet chart can be designed by a dietician or nutrition counselor, whether we are performing an exercise accurately at home is difficult to gauge. Well, this complication can now be tackled, thanks to the following technology. Experts from the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS in Erlangen have crafted an intelligent assistance system that encourages towards more exercise while providing advice in the form of exercise pointers.

It contains a sensor suit to gather information about its wearer’s movements and transmits current measurement results to a television, computer or smartphone. While exercising, a T-shirt apparently keeps a tab on the wearer’s breathing rate. Once employed, it scrutinizes the collected data, gives the user feedback on the success of his or her training and instructs on gymnastics or rehabilitation exercises. The trainer also caters to personalized needs and demands of the individual wearer.

In the first stage, a trainer or physical therapist creates a personal training plan on the electronic Fitness Assistant. Then under his or her supervision, all of the exercises are recorded to ensure that they perfectly match the user’s own performance levels. After that, the exercises can be repeated in the home environment and the program compares the exercise being performed with the results of the recording.

The electronic fitness trainer can be probably employed by younger people as well as senior citizens or patients undergoing rehabilitation.