Dr. Mary Pillow Those suffering from neck and shoulder stress can look forward to the latest offering by McRoskey mattress. The company has tailored Dr. Mary Side Sleeper Pillows to offer exceptional support and contribute towards normal spine alignment for reducing neck and shoulder stress. The boomerang-shaped pillow was specifically made for a side sleeper by sports chiropractor Dr. Mary Collings of Dallas, Texas.

Sleeping positions seem to have a great impact on neck and shoulder-related stress. The Dr. Mary pillow apparently supports and cradles the head. It comes in a unique shape so that users can sleep on the left or right side with an extra cushion to lean against and prevent flipping onto the back. Side sleeping appears beneficial for rest and spine alignment.

Improved side-sleeper alignment can be probably achieved by drawing knees into semi-fetal position to taking stress off lower back. Individuals can also place an arm on hip while lying on side to relax neck muscles before going to sleep.

The Dr. Mary Side Sleeper Pillow is now available at McRoskey Mattress in Palo Alto.