Given our hectic and unhealthy lifestyles coupled with the pollution from all imaginable sources it’s become the need of the hour to detoxify your body the natural way at least once every year. Thousands of diets, spas and detoxification programmes from all over the world having various theories regarding their therapy are flooding the internet and television. What does ‘detox’ really do for your body? Do you really need it if you hit the gym for an hour long work out daily? Are you a candidate of detoxification if you do not smoke, drink liquor, consume tobacco or drugs? If yes, which therapy is genuine and suitable for your needs? All these questions and more are answered below.

Detoxify Your Body

Detoxification has been practiced since ages in the Chinese civilization and Indian system of healing called Ayurveda. It is relatively new to the western civilization. It basically boosts your body’s own cleansing system by promoting excretion of toxins through liver, kidneys, lungs, lymphatics and skin. It improves the blood circulation as well as refuels the body of its lost nutrients.

You can choose which detoxification program to go for based on your age, sex, diseases and symptoms etc. Avoid enrolling in such a programme without taking a green flag from your family physician especially if you have some chronic debilitating disease, are a nursing mother or if you are planning it for your child. Even those who don’t have any addiction can use a detoxification programme annually because we are all victims of high stress and extremely demanding daily life along with food habits that are not particularly something to be proud of. Below are ways you can detoxify your body the natural way.

1 – Cut down on your intake of harmful toxins via quitting smoking, tobacco chewing, alcohol, caffeine, energy drinks high-carbohydrate and high-sugar dietary foodstuffs and drinks. You will find yourself feeling more active within a few days itself.

2 – Try and use as minimal chemical based or processed toiletries, cosmetics as possible. Although in microscopic quantities, the chemicals tend to enter the system and accumulate, try and replace them with natural products.

3 – Avoid stress as much as possible. Try channelizing the stress into positive activities like a hobby or a good old jog.

4 – Stock up on raw fruits and vegetables which are high in fibre like carrots, apples, broccoli, cabbage, beetroots, radish, etc. Include more of organic food in the diet and less of refined, preserved and processed foodstuff.

5 – Consume at least 3-4 litres water each day. Some diets advice consumption of just water all day once each week. But I think these extreme diets are not only difficult to follow but are also harmful to the body in the long run.

6 – Breathe healthy fresh air and with the right technique. You would be surprised to know that most of us breathe wrongly! Well-oxygenated cells function optimally and keep you fighting fit. Oxygen is the most effective detoxification programme that God has blessed us all with.

7 – Try and maintain a regular exercise regime of an activity that is sustainable by you – like a 30 minute brisk walk, or skipping for 20 minutes or cycling or training at a gym. Try and shed the extra pounds as they only accumulate toxins faster in the system.

8 – Try and consume products rich in anti-oxidants like green tea, African mangoes, baobab fruit, citrus fruits like oranges, sweet lime, etc. Anti-oxidants possess anti-aging properties. They slow down the age related degenerative processes that occur in the body by neutralizing the free radicals released in our body making you look younger and feel fresher.

9 – Try yoga or meditation as a method to relax your mind. It will increase your patience and tolerance levels and cut down on the anger and short temper (if any).

10 – There is a special technique called dry skin brushing which helps detoxify the body by eliminating toxins via the pores of the skin. Special brushes are available in the market that you can purchase and give yourself an invigorating detoxifying foot spa.

The aforesaid ways to detoxify your body the natural way will put your body and mind in complete peace. So go ahead and gift yourself a detoxification programme every birthday!

Dr.Rachita Narsaria