FDA logo Most commonly encountered flu illnesses are caused by viruses called influenza A and B. On this front, professionals from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved of the FluMist quadrivalent vaccine to prohibit seasonal influenza in individuals aged between 2 and 49.

This medication is apparently the first vaccine to comprise 4 strains of the influenza virus, 2 of influenza A and 2 of influenza B. The vaccine comprises mild forms of the virus strains and is supposed to be administered into the nose via a spray. Considering that there are distinct forms of influenza B viruses circulating in a typical flu season, the addition of a second influenza B strain in the vaccine could offer adequate protection.

“Illness caused by Influenza B virus affects children, particularly young and school-aged, more than any other population. A vaccine containing the four virus strains most likely to spread and cause illness during the influenza season offers an additional option to aid in influenza prevention efforts,” commented Karen Midthun, M.D., director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research.

The effectiveness of the drug was tested in a set of 3 clinical studies incorporating nearly 4,000 kids and adults. As per the results, the immune responses of the FluMist quadrivalent vaccine were similar to the trivalent variant of the same.

Also, the adverse effects of both the quadrivalent and trivalent forms appeared to be similar. Some of the side-effects reported were inclusive of sore throat and headache in adults. Even stuffy and running nose was reported by adults and kids.

MedImmune LLC of Gaithersburg, Md has manufactured the FluMist quadrivalent vaccine.